Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Financial Assistance Available for New Inventions

Some of you public TV fans may be familiar with the show Everyday Edisons, an Emmy winning TV show on PBS now in its third season. The show, produced by Edison Nation, seeks to match investors to inventors of newly conceived inventions. The CEO of Edison Nation, Louis Foreman, an innovator who attempts to inspire others toward innovation, has spearheaded the formation of a $25 million new-invention fund managed by the Edison Nation Innovation Fund. For a fee of $25, an inventor can submit an idea to the Fund to potentially qualify for an investment up to $250,000 to assist in the commercialization of the invention. Foreman expects that the Fund will select about 100 ideas for investment. More information about the Fund and the investment program are available from Edison Nation and from this Reuters news report.

This blog does not recommend or encourage any inventor's participation in the Edison Nation Innovation Fund, or in any other invention development/funding programs, but offers the foregoing for informational purposes only.

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